Open soil

Our nursery focuses traditionally on growing coniferous trees of various shapes, colours and sizes in open soil with minimum pruning. Thus, the plants maintain natural shapes and growth character. We have adapted the assortment of deciduous trees in recent years. We mostly grow our domestic species; some are branched from the ground, others are high-stamm. We are currently beginning to grow more solitary shrubs.

If you are interested, it is possible to select individual plants. This service is provided upon a prior agreement and only outside of the main shipping season.

The soil we grow our conifers in is a premium quality chernozem and fluvisol. We have tested the suitability of all our soil types for different kinds of woody plants, and, based on our experience, we grow the plants in the most suitable locations. The plant material is well prepared for planting in various habitat conditions thanks to our soils and regular replanting.

The woody plants are always extracted including their wire root balls using the machinery Pazzaglia with knives of 30 cm to 100 cm. Some deciduous trees are shipped as bareroot or with gelled roots.We have focused on a natural form of management in recent years. We use more organic matter in order to maintain our soil in a good condition. Where possible, there is inter-row grass. Our experience with this approach has been very positive so far. Our emphasis on quality soil care is also reflected in the good health of plants in the nursery and their good acclimatization at their new habitat.

The good news is that the symbiotic mycorrhizal fungi which are present in our soil due to the long-term growth of conifers in the same locations and which the replanted tree carries with it help to provide a better supply of water and nutrients to plants after replanting to a permanent habitat.