About us

Ornamental plant nursery Záříčí, Ltd. was established in 2019 after its detachment from the company ZAHRADA Olomouc Ltd., which had produced ornamental woody plants in Záříčí since its establishment in 1994. We currently manage 16 hectares of arable land and 1.5 hectares of container plants. Our main focus is growing coniferous trees, a selection of deciduous trees and solitary shrubs in open soil. In the containers, domestic woody plants suitable for the landscape and an assortment of woody plants suitable for private gardens and parks are grown.

We provide assemblies of plants in projects in the full scale of assortment thanks to our cooperation with renowned domestic as well as foreign plant nurseries. The option of shipping the plants and auxiliary material on an agreed date to your desired location is guaranteed.

We limit the application of chemical substances in the care of plants. We emphasise natural procedures, such as inter-row grass, mulching, and other technologies. Sprinkler irrigation is gradually replaced by drip irrigation.
On our premises, you can glimpse a herd of Suffolk sheep as a curiosity. They serve us in clearing some conifers in a denser canopy and non-production areas. Our family of sheep are a great aid and they also bring a positive atmosphere to our team.