The new Planter

As part of the development of the nursery, to improve the quality and speed of our work, we have purchased a new planter.
Thanks to the support and help of the MAS Střední Haná, we managed to purchase a new JAVO plus planter with the contribution of the State Agricultural Fund for Agriculture and Rural Development.

The name of the supported project is Nový hrnkovací stroj pro Okrasnou školku Záříčí s.r.o.
The main objective was to significantly speed up and simplify the planting of not only bundled but also open-rooted seedlings. Thanks to its acquisition, we can plant the same amount of trees in containers with significantly less staff and in a suitable agrotechnical time. As a result, the plants can be of higher quality and better prepared for planting in a permanent location.

The source of the subsidy is the EU: